You wouldn’t let just anyone work on your most prized possession now would you?


  • Documented repair and refurbish process
  • Model specific procedures
  • Quality checks built into each process

  • Unit is unpacked
  • Entered into log
  • Audit sheet and invoice are generated based on model

  • Unit is audited to grade each sub system and critical component as it’s being disassembled

  • Unit as typically received
  • Exterior is graded on audit sheet
  • Damage is noted for severity, functional effect, and safety

  • Unit is disassembled according to specific service process being used
  • Service process to be used is based on unit age, wear, and extent of damage
  • A quote (not estimate) is given if process required is different than what was initially requested

  • Parts are cleaned based on component materials and function
  • Different cleaning systems are used to properly and completely clean the component including ultrasonic fluid wash, medium blasting, and pressurized wash.